Director Message
When BPA was established in 2011, the founders were experienced from the activities of smallholder farmers are the backbone of the country's economy through their all rounded contribution. The heavy responsibility of the country was on their shoulder because they are economically, religiously, socially and politically responsible. Ethiopia has existed since time immemorial due to their efforts in the agricultural system and natural resource conservation. Ethiopians are still dominated by about 84 percent farmers in this modern and globalized world. However, still they are out of the reach of the technologies and solutions of this globalized world. But they are not the people who sit and wait until an outsider come and solve these problems. Instead they are also the sources of solutions for their problems.
The Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) of Ethiopia is dependent on the successful efforts of agriculture in the previous years. It is true in Ethiopia development is unthinkable without the success in the rural and the urban especially without focusing on the locally available best practices. Many projects invest millions but their success is immaterial. Therefore, BPA is interested in assessing and documenting good practices and identifying best practices. And then promoting and scaling up/out the best practices for the successful life of farming Ethiopians. Furthermore, it raises awareness for different social groups on the effectiveness of best practices.
The founders of BPA are envisioned farmers to be successful by being sensitized and supported on the locally available successful practices. Furthermore, BPA is very grateful to all its partners and donors, whose support has made our undertakings practicable.
Therefore, we invite you to contribute your effort through supporting our vision to make Ethiopian farmers live a better life.
Founders, Board and Members

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